10.09.2017. Мuseum of Moscow. House music from Russian Choir 

09.09.2017. Museum-estate of L.N. Tolstoy “Yasnaya Polyana”

29.08.2017. Ether on the radio “Govorit Moskva”

12.06.2017. Jerusalem. Congress Hall. Project “Russian Day”

22.05.2017. Zaraysk. Bakhrushin charity festival

20.05.2017 State museum of Sport. Night of museums

16.05.2017 Vinzavod. Exhibition of Paruyr Davtian

16.04.2017 – 09.05.2017. XVI Moscow Easter Festival

12.04.2017. Moscow conservatory. The practice of working with a professional choir

18.03.2017. The Bolshoi Theatre. International Professional Music Award “BraVo”

16.02.2017. Charity concert in Orthodox monastery – the Brotherhood of Mercy. The choir for children

07.12.2016.Charity concert for children in the Dmitry Rogachev’s Federal Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology

29.11.2016. Anniversary concert “Made in USSR”. Column Hall of the House of Unions
(Photo by Lydia Shironina)

28.11.2016. Anniversary concert. The Bolshoi Theatre of Russia
(Photo by Stanislav Levshin)

08.11.2016. Press conference dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Sveshnikov State Academic Russian Choir and State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Russia “Evgeny Svetlanov”. The Bolshoi Theatre of Russia
(Photo Valeria Sharifulina)

04.11.2016.The action «Night of Arts». Multimedia Art Museum.
(photo by Igor Novikov)

27.08.2016. The action «The cinema night» in Gorky Park

27.08.2016. The action «The cinema night». Cinema «Octyabr»

12.06.2016. Russian day 2016. London. Barbican Hall.

2011, 2015, 2016. Moscow Easter Festival

01.03.2016 Moscow Performind Arts Center/03.30.2016 Alexandrinsky theatre. Carmen

08.11.2015. Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. Music as a fate. On the 100th anniversary of Georgy Sviridov

12.06.2015. Russian day 2015. Paris. Gaveau Hall.

15.10.2014. The Bolshoi Theatre. Hero of our time

07.09.2014 The D.D. Shostakovich Saint Petersburg Academic Philarmonia. The people of Leningrad. 900 days in the name of life

07.12.2012 Moscow-26.06.2013 Saint Petersburg. Three centuries of St. Petersburg ballet